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7 Tips on how to really get more Instagram followers?

With Facebook dead (we reported), Instagram plays an even bigger role for businesses. Many would like to jump on the line of success and become an Instagram star overnight – thousands of followers, thousands of likes and a lot of fame for the company.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. First and foremost, Instagram means one thing: a lot of work! But you don’t have to bury your head in the sand now. In this article, I’ll tell you my seven insider tips for more Instagram followers!

I hate to say it, but just forget it! You can of course buy 500 followers in 5 minutes. Unfortunately, these won’t do you any good if nobody likes your pictures or interacts with your content.

I’ve built several Instagram accounts over the past few years. Over and over again, I ended up at the point where I thought to myself: “Instagram, you can do me! I’ll just delete the account now.


Period. “I’ve never done it because better times will come again.

But there will always be days when 10 or, depending on your size, even 100 people suddenly follow you. Or there is a new algorithm that doesn’t exactly play into your cards.

The fact is: The way to many Instagram followers’ costs time and nerves. But it’s also really fun. That’s why I’ve collected my top 5 tips for you – good luck and don’t give up!

# 1 Collect interactions

The current algorithm relies heavily on the “engagement” factor. For example, your pictures will initially only be shown to around 10 percent of your followers in the feed.

The more likes and, above all, comments it gets in the first hour, the more it is played out. In addition, you should reply to comments and messages as quickly as possible in order to make the algorithm happy.

And if you make the algorithm happy, you have good cards to be featured on the Explore page. A guarantee for new followers! It is also worth interacting with other users in order to get more Instagram followers.

Just following 500 people and hoping that they will too is not enough. Take a look at the profiles, leave a few comments (you should think have more than “Nice” or “Great Profile”) and you will attract more attention.