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How much money you should invest in advertising in 2021?

Before starting, it is important that you know what is advertising? Advertising is the action of placing a message in a means of communication to try to convince and inform an objective audience.

Advertising Provides Information

Advertising is informative because it communicates people about the existence of a product or service. That is, if people do not know that you exist, how could they buy in your business?

In addition, advertising allows the public to know the features and benefits offered by your articles or your company.

Thanks to advertising you can keep your clients aware of any change in your products or services.

For example: new releases, seasonal promotions.

Advertising Seeks to Convince

Advertising convinces because it tries to influence the behaviour of people. Not only does it induces to buy your product or service, but also that you prefer your brand about others from the market.

In addition, advertising tries that a client takes action at a certain moment. That is, with advertising you can make people modify your routine, tastes or even ideas for your customers.


What are the means of advertising?




    Commercial on TV.

    Commercial on Radio.



    Free samples

    Among others


    Email Marketing

    Social media





    Ad Words.

    Among others

How to define your budget for advertising?

We already mentioned some means in which you can promote your company, then we provide you with a series of important factors that you must take into account to define your investment correctly:

What is the goal of your company?

Advertising and investment that breaks it may vary depending on what you want to get for your company. That is to say: a marketing campaign aimed at increasing the number of new customers per year will not have the same budget as a desired to lold your former customers.

Does it investigate your competition?

Investigate the market you dedicate yourself, specifically to your potential competitors. Maybe you can learn from them and improve results. Find out what businesses in your city or sector offer services or products similar to yours and pay close attention to what so much publicity.

What means of advertising will you use?

What kind of ads will you create and why means will you share them? As we saw, the options are enough, both in traditional media and in digital media, Therefore you should very well choose which one of them is the most suitable for your company.

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