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Is it possible to create a web page in minutes and without design or programming knowledge?

When we talk about designing, developing or implementing web solutions, we must be careful and look with suspicion for shortcuts or easy paths.

On this occasion, it is our responsibility to talk about an advertisement that appears on television and tells us about the ease of launching a web page, they even claim that it can be done in a matter of minutes … and beware without any technical knowledge.

I will put aside my common sense (which tells me that it is unreal to launch a web page in minutes) but imagine that this statement was real.

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If it is real, I suppose that the user should have knowledge of the following areas:

    Knowing how to use the web page creation system that (like any system) takes some time to learn.

    Knowing how to use an image editing program. To achieve an acceptable visualization it is necessary to modify the images adapting them to the dimensions required by the web page creation system.

Be clear about the concepts and processes of image optimization to avoid turtle web pages (excessively slow loading).

You should have some knowledge of SEO to:

        Make an implementation of metadata according to the content and titles of the web page.

        Make good use of title tags: h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6.

        Make a good internal binding

        Write the texts properly

Know the main concepts of CSS styles to make some necessary customizations such as: padding, margin, alignments, backgrounds, opacities, etc.

We live in an age of information, the answers and solutions exist and are a search away: on a website, a Facebook account or a YouTube channel. However, this excess of information does not mean that all the information is correct, IT IS THE OPPOSITE.

Most of the information that we have freely available on the internet is intentionally spectacular, exaggerated or insufficient and not always accompanied by a statistical or evidentiary validation.


And what do you think … Will it be possible to create a web page in minutes?

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