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Why Marketing Automation is Important ? Top Tools.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is software that automates your workflow and marketing tasks. Using it you can get your customer’s contact, address, and so on.

You get to know your customers individually and know your customer, what the customer likes, what are the customer’s hobbies, and what the customer does on weekends, which improves the growth of your business.

You must be wondering how can this help your business.

You must have used amazon, Flipkart, or Facebook, they have your information such as your name, address, birthday, anniversary date and so on.

This is how they know your birthday and send you a birthday wish or you saw something on Amazon or Flipkart and then you start getting notifications on your device, this is how marketing automation works.

This is the simplest way of understanding marketing automation. From the first customer contact to after the purchase, all steps along the customer journey can be optimally automated. Marketing automation will increase your efficiency and turnover.

Marketing automation in numbers

around 51 percent of companies already use this software and in the B2B sector, the figure is even big, it is around 60 percent. This shows the effect it has on business.

Studies have shown that the companies which use marketing automation are 63 percent more successful than their competitors.

B2B marketers have been contributing to the sales pipeline by 10 percent thanks to marketing automation.

The graphic shows that the most effective marketing automation tactics to improve customer experience and personalized and dynamic content are the most important.

Marketing automation helps you in reaching out to your potential customers.

A study by Moosend found that 63 percent of companies using marketing automation outperformed their competitors in terms of revenue and ROI.

Now let’s go into detail about the seven biggest benefits of marketing automation.

Top seven biggest benefits of Marketing Automation.

1) Understand customer behavior

Understanding customer behavior helps you grow your business and revenue, nowadays the focus is much more on the individual than on an entire target group, and therefore marketing automation aims at individual consumers.

Social media is the ultimate choice for this, how does a person behave on the weekend, where the person goes, what he sees online, and what the person likes and dislikes. If you just know this basic information about your potential customers, you will be amazed at how fast your business grows.

2) Personalized Content

A study by Marketing Land found that personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates than those that send standardized emails.

With the help of marketing automation tools such as HubSpot, all types of marketing measures can be individualized.

For example, you send an email to your potential customer and the person feels personally addressed and important and this is how you earn your customers.

So what are you waiting for?

Personalize your content and stand out from the crowd.

3) New customer acquisition and lead nurturing

How you will get customers, you have to a practical way to it. “Lead nurturing” is an English term that means “customer care”. In this digital era, Marketing Automation tools can reach qualified leads in the farthest reaches of the online world.

You need to maintain customer relationships and sending them individual content should be sent at regular intervals.

Through lead nurturing you get to know more about your customer and that is why we have designed a checklist so that you can gain the attention of your targeted group and practice professional lead nurturing.

Download the checklist now


4. Add value to your CRM

Through lead nurturing you get to know more about your customer and that is why we have designed a checklist so that you can gain the attention of your targeted group and practice professional lead nurturing.

CRM software is primarily used to store:

*) Basic contact information such as name, address, telephone number, etc.

*) Extended with a marketing automation tool, you get deep insights into the contact data.

Examples of this are locations, resources used, and websites on which the contacts interact.

5) Time saving

If you have read this article and when finally you are here, we are sure now you know marketing automation saves a lot of time. The well-known entrepreneurs and coaches Ehsan Jahandarpour and Brian Downard have published how much time (and money) is saved in the following infographic:


6) Big picture data

You have to consider all kinds of KPIs in marketing. Most time is wasted in collecting and analyzing all data separately. Another disadvantage is important information can be overlooked.

You also need to save yourself the hassle of switching between different platforms and start aggregating all your marketing activities and their outcomes in one place.

Having central access to conversions, clicks, reports, and other data, metrics that can be retrieved in real-time. By taking measures immediately, successes and failures can be interpreted at a fast speed.

7. Consistency

Being consistence is a must in any field that you want to master so make sure you consistently address your target group. It will make them feel special and thankful.

For example, you published a blog on social media and releases it for download. In return, you will receive contact details. You can also use the marketing automation workflow to send further customer-related emails.

Another example is if you gained a new subscriber for your online blog, by marketing automation, the subscriber receives a welcome email and feels special.