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How to create an omnichannel marketing strategy?

New trends, technologies and platforms are constantly changing the way we communicate. Not only are we integrating more and more digital devices into our everyday lives. we are also use them in different situations.

For example, in the day time we tend to use smartphones and in the evenings or at weekends we tend to use tablets or computers. By using different devices, we also develop the expectation that companies offer cross-channel possibilities for action and interaction.

This is where omnichannel management comes into play: It enables you to synchronize and integrate marketing, sales and customer service equally across all communication channels.

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In this way, you manage all content centrally and consciously accompany customers at every step of their buyer’s journey.

 In this article you will find out what exactly is behind the term Omnichannel. You can get your omnichannel marketing strategy here!

What is omnichannel marketing?

From poster advertising to the website and from there to the social media channel and then to the online store for purchase – that sounds like an all-round convenient shopping experience!

And that is exactly the goal of the omnichannel approach.

Isn’t omnichannel the same as multichannel or cross-channel? No – these three terms are often wrongly used interchangeably. Understandable, because they are based on similar concepts.

However, the multichannel approach only describes that a company operates several channels actively and parallel to each other.

 In cross-channel marketing on the other hand the first networking of channels takes place.

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Classic example: A customer orders a product in the online shop which at his request is not delivered to his home but to the local branch. Omnichannel goes one step further at this point: Here an integration even a merging of the different channels is carried out and enables a smooth transition between all media and communication channels.

The channel term refers to all end devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop PC, smartwatch, etc.), communication channels (social media, e-mail, telephone calls) and levels (analog vs. digital). Your customer is always the focus of the omnichannel marketing!

The omnichannel challenge

With omnichannel marketing you accompany your target group at every step of their buyer’s journey. The challenge here: combining the content correctly.

After all, managing massive amounts of content and using it in potentially multiple languages can be a painful, logistical problem for companies – unless they are equipped with the right tools.

However that shouldn’t deter you from introducing omnichannel marketing to your business! Because with the right strategy and foundation, you can establish omnichannel marketing efficiently – and the success pays off in the long term.

Celebrating Rakhi 2023
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