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Social networks influence 50% of consumers in their purchase decision

Social Networks have become an omnipresent element in the lives of consumers, who have joined all of them and who use them on a recurring and massive basis.

In addition to contact with family and friends, social networks have opened a new space to interact with brands, which until recently did not exist and which also allows a more direct relationship with consumers than was the case until recently.

Although for consumers Social Networks are the only way to contact brands, the universe of social media has opened many opportunities and has made brands can reach consumers in many new ways, they have become a showcase in which brands can show a lot of information than we could get up to now.


There is an open door to consumer product research in a way that makes customer reviews more relevant than ever and allows users to have a new arena in which to find and discover products.

Social networks make each more relevant in the decisions of brands and in their product launch strategies. Two out of three adults already use them every day. 

Social networks influence purchase decision

Does this use have a direct impact on sales?

Looking directly at the numbers, it could be deduced that consumers do not give greater importance to social networks in their consumption processes, but according to various surveys.

But these, if you look at what happens indirectly, you see a completely different situation, 42% of consumers recognize that they have bought something after seeing it on social networks.


45% say that social networks have influenced their purchase decisions in some way. Almost half of the consumers.

 Not everything that is published has the same weight, you also have to include recommendations from friends and family, product reviews, news and videos.

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